What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We meet rural pregnant women with histories of infertility, miscarriages or stillbirths in their localities. We access and assess their medical records, then we take care of  their financial, emotional and educational needs till six weeks after their baby is born in agreement with our vision.


— We Expand our Network... We Build Bridges

At Victoria’s Smile Foundation, we understand that teamwork makes the dream work; hence, we collaborate with various organisations in our quest to bring smiles to the faces of our beneficiaries and other women facing pregnancy-related challenges. Some of our key partnerships span both governmental and non-governmental spaces, including state government, local government, healthcare providers, traditional rulers, and other NGOs.


— We Strengthen

We engage the services of professionals to counsel and reassure our beneficiaries and participants during our sensitisation programs and outreaches. Ours isn’t just a message of hope but a commitment to hold their hands as we work towards bringing smiles to their face.


— We Educate

We understand that ignorance and misinformation are just as dangerous as poverty and health challenges; hence, our door-to-door campaigns and sensitisation programmes are geared toward destroying pregnancy-related myths and harmful stereotypes.


— We Provide Care

The mission of the Foundation is to bring succour to women who have had to cross these medical hurdles to become expectant mothers. We get them the needed emotional and physical care they need to journey through pregnancy.


— We Consult

Through research, we realise that ours is a peculiar vision especially in Nigeria so there are processes in place to offer consultations to organisations whose goals align with ours and to provide information to the necessary bodies who may require them for the purpose of advancing maternal health.

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