Hypertension in Pregnancy

Hey folks! Knowledge is wealth, as the saying goes, right? Yea. This is why we always like to bring information about the well-being of our expectant mothers and their unborn babies from time to time.
Today we take a look at Hypertension in Pregnancy. First, what is hypertension? The World Health Organization (WHO) defines hypertension as a condition where the blood vessels have persistently raised pressure. The condition is also known as High Blood Pressure. When the blood pressure is above 140/90, we are already dealing with hypertension; a blood pressure above 180/120 is a severe case of this phenomenon.
It might interest you to know that some women have hypertension during pregnancy. This can considerably endanger both the mother and the baby. High blood pressure can cause problems during and after delivery. The good news, however, is that this condition is both preventable and treatable.
Let’s take a look at some symptoms of Hypertension in Pregnancy. These include severe headaches, Nausea and vomiting, excess protein in the urine, change in vision, upper abdominal pain etc.
Here are some prevention tips for hypertension during pregnancy:
Work with your doctor to help you stay within a weight range that is healthy for you.
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, as both are known to raise blood pressure.
What steps should you take as a hypertensive pregnant woman? It’s essential to visit your doctor regularly and religiously follow his prescriptions and treatment options. That would be all on this blog today. Till we come your way next time, stay healthy!

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