Breastfeeding (II)

Hello People.I am thrilled to be back here on another informative episode on breastfeeding.

Let us explore the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and the mother


Benefits for The Baby


1.Breast milk is available wherever and whenever the baby needs it

2.It is always at the right temperature

3.It is clean and free of germs

4.It meets all of baby’s nutritional need

5.It protects baby from infection and diseases


Benefits for The Mother


1.You will find it easier to return to what you weigh before you got pregnant

2.No bottles to clean

3.Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes 

4.Reduced risk of breast cancer

5.It strengthen the bond with your baby


Here are some helpful tips to making your breastfeeding work:


  • Your child may be hungry if he or she puts hands to mouth,turns head towards breast, has a clenched hand


  • Your child may be full if he or she closes mouth,turns head away from breast and relaxes hand


  • Baby is getting enough milk if he or she is back to the birth weight by 10 – 14 days,


  • Your breast feels softer after feeding and baby makes swallowing sound while nursing


Now let us discuss breast care


You can take care of your breast by wearing a supportive bra, even at night. Avoid restrictictive clothing and underwire bras which can cause blocked ducts. Change nursing pads whenever they become damp or wet. Take daily shower.


At times women who breast feed need to use a pump to express breast milk.When the breast milk is expressed it needs to be stored properly.


How to store breastmilk 


Store breastmilk in a clean bottle.Ensure the bottle is airtight.Fill each bottle with enough milk for one feeding.Do not warm milk in the microwave because rapid heating destroys nutrients in the breastmilk 


At this juncture we have come to the end of this episode.Stay tunned for more exciting episodes 



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